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Using Market Research & Video Content to help position, promote and provide a thought leadership platform for Dunstan Thomas

Campaign Overview: Engaging with the Millennial Generation  Engaging with millennials Brief Agility PR began by absorbing the key trends in the retirement (or pensions) market through extensive reading of 2017’s regulatory pipeline – identifying and interpreting industry trends and pressures, while also absorbing Dunstan Thomas Holdings’ 2016/17 business plan to ensure alignment with [...]

Forced Focus of Verticalisation is the key to growth for many small IT firms looking to go to the next level

  Verticalisation offers much the fastest and least costly route to growth for IT firms wanting to grow. Agility PR explores how IT firms can start the process of verticalising their business in this piece. There are two clear routes to growth for Technology-based firms. The first is ‘Productisation’ – i.e. taking an offering you [...]

Agility PR wins consumer survey-led campaign brief for Dunstan Thomas

Agility PR has won a new brief from pensions software market leader Dunstan Thomas. The new Customer Engagement campaign will include two consumer surveys, vox pop-style video shoots, media outreach activity and creation of a Business Guide, all designed to highlight Dunstan Thomas' focus on the key industry subject of Customer Engagement over the next [...]

Agility PR worked as Axis’ UK PR partner for 7 years

Agility PR worked with Axis Communications in the UK & Ireland principally, but also advised on agency selection for Axis' PR agency network around Europe during nearly 7 year engagement from mid-2002 to early 2009. Our work covered the time in which the company established itself as the global market leader in network video. Between [...]

Beware the Marketing Automatons!

You cannot automate your way out of doing the hard thinking and high quality, incisive writing which articulates what makes your business, product or service special The last year has been a great one if you are in the world of marketing automation.  Most larger IT firms’ marketing departments have been talking about nothing [...]

Agility PR helps Veracity build a thought leadership position

In order to build the thought leadership positioning of Veracity, Agility PR  conceptualised and executed the Technology Leaders Forum debate – a round table debate forum for technology leaders and influencers in the market to discuss issues in the market. On this project we had to gain buy-in from the media sponsor and leading security [...]

Agility PR is building out its digital marketing transformation capability

Agility PR is seeing increased demand amongst larger enterprise technology providers it works with for using IT to close the loop between marketing strategy, content and sales lead generation. CRM, Content Management, Social Marketing and Marketing Automation technology suites have reached a level of maturity and integrate-ability by which it is becoming possible to properly [...]

Welcome to our new website

New website goes live after major revamp After many hours working with our partners Mahon Digital we've gone live with our new look website designed to showcase our offerings and some of the work we are doing with existing clients and projects that we have completed in recent months. I hope you find the new [...]

Would Twitter be right to move to a 10,000 character limit?

  Twitter has long held the belief that 140 characters is enough to let people communicate. Keeping your message concise and succinct is the key to Twitter, and while the concept is undoubtedly excellent in theory, it’s frequently infeasible in reality. Important messages regularly require several tweets, or even a screenshot of some text, to [...]

Agility PR celebrates 15 years working with Dunstan Thomas

Agility PR has provided outsourced PR & Digital Content Creation Services to Dunstan Thomas for 15 years Agility PR has now retained one of its founding clients retirement software provider for 15 years in June. The brief has evolved a good deal since the early days as we all transitioned to digital marketing. Agility PR [...]

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