dt_energyDunstan Thomas is a fast growing IT software and consultancy business which up until 2012 focused its marketing and PR efforts on building a profile associated with an increasingly sophisticated suite of Imago-branded software tools serving the pensions market. However, from mid-2012, Dunstan Thomas decided to invest in the development of the Alstom-developed energy trading platform originally called Genesisplus – which Dunstan Thomas had acquired.

The wholesale energy trading platform, recently rebranded as Genstar4, today offers a flexible, end to end software solution supporting the trading, generating and retail activities of market participants.

Genstar4 is a flexible, modular solution covering trade nomination, asset scheduling, asset dispatch, position monitoring, balancing bidding and settlements in the UK electricity market. Genstar4 dispatches assets across the full spectrum of energy sources including thermal (gas and coal) and renewables (onshore and offshore wind, hydro and pumped storage).

Genstar4 supports traders, new entrants, independent power producers and portfolio generators alike across the full energy mix. It provides decision support and powerful trend analysis for participants in the balancing bidding market (bids and offers). It also supports electricity retail processes including meter data management, demand forecasting and cost and pricing calculations. Genstar4 Adaptive Portal provides powerful online management intelligence for Genstar4 data and any software system within the IT landscape.

Dunstan Thomas Energy wanted to raise its profile and credentials in the energy market through content and content marketing, primarily through social media and the company’s core website.


Dunstan Thomas commissioned Agility PR to write 2 issues-based blog posts per month. Agility PR has focused blogs on issues including renewables, political manoeuvres between government bodies (e.g. DECC, Ofgem, CMA) as well as big industry events (e.g. Climate Change Summit), Capacity Auctions, capacity margin concerns, new energy projects, funding issues and much more.

Dunstan Thomas Energy set up a dedicated LinkedIn Discussion Group called DT Electricity Industry Insights as a second home for the blog content. This built a lively and responsive following amongst prospective and existing Genstar4 customers. Dunstan Thomas also set up a dedicated Insight page on its website to showcase the blog posts there also. These pieces are also tweeted out to a growing group of followers.


“The content Agility PR has created for us since April 2015 has helped us build our domain authority consistently and powerfully in this unique market. It is very important that we are seen to know about the latest information affecting the industry we serve.”
David Holt, Director, Dunstan Thomas Energy Limited
“Getting this high value content out there through Dunstan Thomas’ Energy Twitter feed, our DT Electricity Industry Insight LinkedIn page and the core website’s Insight page; helps us spread the word about our domain knowledge. It also helps us short-circuit credentials building phases of a sales process.”
David Holt, Director, Dunstan Thomas Energy Limited
“We now have more than 20 key individuals in our LinkedIn group and our Twitter followers regularly viewing this content. Views of our website Insights page remains one of those most highly viewed pages. It’s definitely aiding engagement and supporting our sales goals.”
David Holt, Director, Dunstan Thomas Energy Limited