MilestoneMilestone Systems is the leading video management software (VMS) provider globally, recently acquired by Canon Europe. Milestone has led the VMS market consistently since its inception in 1992. Today Milestone operates internationally, selling its offerings through more than 9,000 channel partners who work with 500 distributors in over 150 countries. The software supports more than 5,000 devices from over 130 camera manufacturers and works with the ONVIF specifications that enable hundreds more devices to operate with Milestone VMS.

2015 was a remarkable but also typically successful year for Milestone. The VMS market leader saw solid growth rate of 32% over 2014 with reported revenue of DKK 602 M (EUR 80.9 M). Operating income before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) resulted in DKK 121 M (EUR 16.3 M) and net income reached DKK 58 M (EUR 7.8 M). The number of full-time employees grew by 17%, from 404 employees in 2014 to 472 in 2015.

Milestone Systems has the challenge of projecting itself in the media as the long-standing market leader it has been for some time, while remaining highly inclusive and encouraging of its growing partner-base that puts together increasingly complex, multi-faceted video-enabled, driven by Milestone software.


Agility PR has been the core PR agency partner for Milestone in the UK & Ireland for more than 5 years. During this time Agility PR’s core work has been to provide case study content: customer win press releases, full-length case studies, double page Success Stories for marketing collateral usage, and Video Case Studies. Its brief extends to optimising coverage for this content in relevant vertical sector and professional security trade media. During this period Agility PR has delivered and promoted a total of 21 powerfully-written case studies (an average of more than 1 per quarter), most of which are still in use of Milestone’s website today.

Following an increased focus on thought leadership Milestone’s new head of PR EMEA, JOS Svendsen, extended Agility PR’s brief into building thought leadership content. So since mid-2014 Agility PR has written and promoted (to the UK & Ireland media) a series of 13 technical, issues and vertical sector-specific articles – an average in excess of 6 per year.

Agility PR also provides media relations support for Milestone at the key industry event of the year – IFSEC. At this event Agility PR fixes more than 15 media briefings over the three-day show, ensuring journalists attending these briefings get all the content they need to put together positive news stories, even formulating article synopses, some of which are commissioned during these briefings.


“Agility PR has worked with Milestone during a period when the business has been growing at a significant rate, currently upwards of 30%. In this period PR has changed from the being the classic discipline into a strategic tool for us. Agility PR has been able to support us in every step of this change.”
JOS Svendsen, PR Manager- EMEA, Milestone Systems
“Agility PR, led by Miles Clayton, has been able to develop content on all levels from crafting media invitations, to high-level thought leadership articles which have been game changers in the security industry. For us the collaboration with Agility PR has been more of a partnership, than a traditional agency relationship. For us Agility PR is a trusted advisor, helping us accelerate our business even further.”
JOS Svendsen, PR Manager- EMEA, Milestone Systems
“Agility PR has also assisted us in identifying like-minded PR agencies in France and Germany as we expand and deepen our regional PR capabilities. Their recommendations there have eased the path towards EMEA-wide communications consistency and effectiveness.”
JOS Svendsen, PR Manager- EMEA, Milestone Systems