Harnessing the power of digital marketing

Interactive digital marketing channels illustration

The Great Recession hastened emergence of digital marketing into the mainstream

Back in the Great Recession from 2008-2012, we saw a significant acceleration of the use of Online Marketing to reach audiences direct as outsourced marketing budgets were slashed. Websites were revamped, SEO strategies improved, Social Media channel presences built, direct marketing via cheap or free online services became the order of the day. Small and medium-sized businesses took much of the work associated with all this in-house.

But fairly soon the cracks began to show. One result was we got spammed by businesses mercilessly and it became harder and harder to differentiate one service provider from another. Slick new websites that were great mouse traps for traffic saw bounce rates soar and ‘time on site’ stats falling away.

As markets began to show signs of sustainable recovery, more ambitious heads of companies began to look at how to capitalise better on new digital marketing techniques to differentiate themselves and thus win and retain more business.

Meanwhile, Agility PR fine-tuned its Digital Marketing offerings. The PR disciplines of mastery of audience and message still remain the bedrock of great marketing campaigns. But now, with the advent of Social Media, it became possible to reach out directly to that audience, building it and engaging with it in these new digital spaces.

Recognising that some Social Media channels are better than others for B2B communications, we launched a Twitter Managed Service and a LinkedIn Managed Service as early as 2011. We followed this by beginning to shoot high quality business videos from 2012.

The last element to add to our Digital portfolio was Blog Posting Programmes: the idea of originating regular opinion-based blog posts specifically to help engage defined audiences, while proactively building those audiences on specific channels via specific profiles – was born. Agility PR today writes and promotes regular blog posts for all its clients. It was a pioneer of the 700-1300 word opinion-heavy, thought leadership-led blog post which is rapidly becoming all top-drawer digital marketer’s weapon of choice.

We are always looking for new ways of doing things as new tools emerge. The latest service we launched was Facebook Advertising.


We are also now helping companies with their over-arching communications strategy rethinks as they seek to hard-wire marketing into sales efforts for the benefit of both disciplines and the company as a whole as the era of total marketing automation looms.