Agility PR is developing a new area of expertise – Art PR

Its first Art promotional assignment is for Degard, a British artist addressing the need for conversation between art, science and the divine.

Degard has recently completed more than 100 pieces of work and has used the services of APR Art to promote the collection.

Agility PR has so far developed a first 12-months PR plan and begun execution of that plan. Work has included:

  1. Identifying key influencers and recommending routes to reach and engage each of these
  2. Helping build a database of galleries worldwide
  3. Developing, analysing and doing a write up of the findings from surveys which help understand potential influencers’ views on issues which Degard’s work raises
  4. Editing Degard’s ‘First Book of Aethericism’ which has since been published
  5. Writing and working with Degard to complete 15 Wikipedia pages ready for publication there