Why should your business be blogging regularly?


Does your business need to prove its expertise to win new contracts? Are you struggling to promote a recently-acquired capability to new clients? Are your customers unwilling to let you promote the work you do for them? Do you need to increase the amount of new dynamic and engaging content on your website to improve your SEO?

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, you ought to be considering a Blogging Programme.

The great thing about Blogging is that – at its heart – it’s great issues-based writing that increases your odds of engaging prospects. Blogs address issues which are likely to affect your customers’ thinking, planning and eventually, investment decision-making.

You can use your blog posts to prove that you are on their wavelength. The fact that you have a solution to their issues is implied without being forced down their necks. It helps you build thought leadership. Blogs can also be edited by us and offered to key media titles.

Yes – the blog posts we write for you can also be put to work to deliver great media coverage. Agility can even arrange regular publishing of tailored versions of your blogs in key trade media. Alternatively, we can help you make the most of these posts through your Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Facebook profiles.

If you do nothing else this year, start a blog posting programme powered by Agility.