verticlerMedia relations skills

If you go back a little over 10 years media relations was the bulk of what us PR consultants did. The media were the ‘only game in town’ – the gatekeepers. They determined what information got out there from our clients to the outside world, to the people who were in the market for their products and services, if only they knew more about the skills, capabilities, products and/or services they offered.  So those of us that have been working in the PR industry for more than 10 year regard media relations as a core skill.

Good media relations is about far more than relating well with the media i.e. building and maintaining strong relationships with journalists that are key for your clients and will help increase your chances of editorial coverage.

It is about making sure that we apply the disciplines of checking that key publications’ circulation numbers, readership profile, writing style, range of editorial opportunities and online comment opportunities today. In other words it is about exploring the multiplicity of opportunities that we have to get your content into those titles. It is also about helping editors to fill their pages more easily by producing precisely the sort of content that they are looking for, all in a consistent fashion.

So even though the media are no longer the only game in town with the advent of social marketing, the disciplines of providing great quality content, tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience are still core to our work and remain of massive value. In an ideal world the content we produce for you is fit for use on your website, in your social media channels and in your key trade publications as well. This level of content integration is what we aim for today but it is only possible with great writing and media relations skills.