Using social marketing to get ahead in 2016


Social media channels offer you an opportunity to meet and engage key decision-makers in your prospect-base. Are you putting Twitter, LinkedIn and other SM channels to work, getting your message out direct to the people who can help your business grow?

Social Marketing can work incredibly well to build and engage your prospect and influencer-base.

We can help you:

  1. Draft Social Media profiles that align with your brand and expertise pools
  2. Build relevant Connection/Follower-bases in a highly sensitive and managed way
  3. Originate relevant content and serve it optimally via Twitter and LinkedIn, using scheduling tools such as HootSuite
  4. Plan for full Marketing Automation using tools like HobSpot

At Agility, we understand the sheer workload involved in building an audience-base via social media. But we do this for several IT clients day-in day out, so we know how to help you build professionalism, consistency and quality content into your social marketing campaigns.