Case Study Detail NW Security Systems

Building a consistent brand profile through expert content

NW Systems Group had expanded rapidly since its foundation in 1994. As a company with IP Video systems integration expertise built up over many years, it grew at a rate of more than 20% year-on-year

With the UK’s largest online store of IP video cameras and equipment it understood the importance of basing any SEO strategy on the regular publication of fresh, dynamic and engaging content.

NW Systems needed to ensure that any content it produced (for both its websites and the media) properly represented the brand, explained the firm’s various service offerings adequately, and detailed their respective merits.

Formulating a content-based strategy

Following an in-depth consultation, Agility PR recommended a content focus on a combination of thought leadership articles, customer stories and corporate ‘news updates’. This strategy was overlaid with a need for corporate PR in the region in which NW Security is located, to increase the amount of business it was doing near its Wirral-base.


Agility PR’s dynamic push to write case study content from late 2012 led to an average of five customer stories each year being written and promoted to the media and edited for publication on NW Security’s website.

Exploitation of these customer stories, which have been written in Press Release and Success Story formats, has formed the bedrock of NW Security’s content strategy, working to promote key cloud-based offerings like RemoteManager and Streamdays as well as its growing systems integration business. This content also formed the heart of NW Security’s new website which was launched during July 2016.

While case study content formed the communications bedrock, Agility PR also wrote all thought leadership content, taking briefs and direction from the MD of NW Security – Frank Crouwel. Agility PR delivered and gained media publication for a total of 15 thought leadership pieces and several corporate profile pieces during 2014-2017.