Expert Written Content Development

Written Content

Written content is the lifeblood of communicating in the digital world.

In the digital PR world, the written word is still the key currency we use to reach, educate, influence, engage and convert our prospects into paying customers.

Writing for any media platform

15 years ago, most B2B PR execs only wrote for media outlets, perhaps occasionally penning market collateral or industry award entries. Most copy was designed to secure coverage for clients in specialist trade, national, regional or local media outlets.

Today at Agility PR we also write for social media public relations, websites’ ‘insights’ pages, marketing automation mailers, whole websites from start to finish, business video scripts, online survey questionnaires and so much more.

The key to good business writing is to keep your audience in mind at all times and link your expertise and proposition to the issue that you are writing about. Always write with re-use in mind – can this be re-purposed for use in your social channels, website, customer e-newsletter and marketing mailers?

Increasingly, we are writing and creating vlogs for a number of campaign streams– each designed to showcase a particular pool of expertise, offering or senior-level individual within a company.

Great writing skills. Agility PR are expert writers.

The demand for content, once PR campaigns are underway, means that any of our writers can rapidly produce an opinion piece, or draft an award entry, case study, press release, technical white paper, downloadable business guide or video script.

For a free consultation on how to develop strong written content please make contact with Miles Clayton on 01992 587439.