How Agility PR supports your sales efforts

How Agility PR supports your sales efforts

Many IT firms that we work with are operating in markets that are growing by more than 20% year-on-year. Agility PR can help you consistently deliver this kind of growth, too.

We will ensure sure the perception of your business is in line with your ambition and capability by shining a light on it through highly targeted PR campaigns designed to differentiate you from the competition and highlight your understanding of the technical and market-specific issues affecting your market.

One software company we have worked for over the last 14 years, Dunstan Thomas, works with us on one single, but totally integrated, sales and marketing campaign each year. More recently we’ve overlaid this with quarterly proposition-led campaigns.

Each campaign is designed to generate thought leadership materials. We re-purpose much of the content we generate for media and social channel publication – creating downloadable business guides which tackle something of topical concern in the market Dunstan Thomas serves.

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