Case Study Detail ODO

Building a customer base through thought leadership

Drive Software Solutions had spent more than a year developing a cloud-based fleet management software suite called ODO and by late 2017, it was ready to launch.

Building a thought leadership platform

Agility PR’s task was to build a thought leadership platform for ODO. Articles that we created would to be posted on ODO’s website, form the basis of social posts and be adapted for placement in SMB, director-level and fleet trade media.

The solution

Agility PR provided a total of six high-quality thought leadership pieces, each designed to show ODO’s clear understanding of fleet management issues, often also covertly promoting new modules as ODO integrations were completed.

Each article achieved at least two pieces of coverage in a combination of fleet, financial director and HR management trade media.

The results

Drive Software Solutions were very happy with the results in terms of generating high quality thought leadership content which could be used on the ODO site and promoted via social channels. Placements ensured consistent high-profile coverage at a time when Drive needed to build its subscriber customer-base rapidly from zero at go-live in mid-January.

“Miles Clayton’s knowledge of the automotive space was brought to bear for our new fleet management solution ODO very rapidly. He has a stand-out ability to create well-researched, opinion-based pieces which made the editorial cut time and again in a range of publications serving fleet managers and director-level decision-maker audiences. It was spot on for ODO and the resulting coverage helped us greatly at a time when buying attention through big trade media advertising or PPC spend was not an option.”

Simon West-Oliver, Director of Sales and Marketing, Drive Software Solutions

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