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Video is the most powerful medium for quickly communicating the value of your product or service.

Many audiences are time-poor and impatient. A 3-minute business video can convey more than a 2500-word article and you should be able to get many more people to engage with it through to the end.

Agility PR TV has been designing and shooting business videos for more than 10 years, as part of automotive, hi-tech, and finance PR campaigns and new product launches.

Building your Content Journeys to Turn Prospects into Customers
This video is taken from my last webinar
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This vlog for Dunstan Thomas focuses on hardening attitudes at HMRC as regards tax planning
In this short vlog, 1 of a series of 5 we shot in mid-2019 for pensions fintech Dunstan Thomas, Adrian
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Another cracking vlog we produced working for pensions fintech Dunstan Thomas
This one focuses on Pensions Dashboard which will finally go live next year. Adrian Boulding makes a call for longer
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This is 1 of a series of 4 pensions vlogs we produced for longstanding Agility client Dunstan Thomas
Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) considerations are set to take centre stage in investment decision making for DB & DC
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