Enabling Marketing Automation

How Agility PR can help your business enable marketing automation

Agility PR works with local Infusionsoft partner Abundant Solutions to offer training and support for transferring content-based PR campaigns onto this well-known marketing automation platform which provides a cost-effective option for SMEs through affordable monthly subscription pricing.

Why marketing automation solutions help drives sales

Marketing automation offers a genuine bridge from your B2B content marketing strategy into sales lead generation. You can set it up so that an email can be sent to your business development and sales heads when a prospect has, for example, read a sequence of emails, completed your survey, clicked through to your latest video and downloaded a business guide.

Agility PR will help write or re-write content to create compelling mailers with clear calls to action, stimulating deeper engagement with your brand.

We recommend a campaign approach in which each stream conveys a strong key message, while showcasing your knowledge, expertise and thought leadership.

A lead scoring system can be put into Infusionsoft to tell you when a lead has interacted so significantly with your content that he or she is now a 5-flame “red hot lead” worthy of a call from your head of sales.