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The professional security market expertise runs deep at Agility PR. Our first client post launch was network video market leader, co-led by the inventor of the world’s first network camera, Axis Communications.

Miles Clayton worked alongside then UK office MD at Axis, Dominic Bruning, initially to educate the UK market (then dominated by analogue/coax-wired CCTV cameras) in the benefits of moving to IP Surveillance. Axis Communications engaged Agility PR for a total of seven years.

Our experience working with Axis Communications led to lengthy engagements with market leading video management software provider Milestone Systems (for six years); IP video systems integrator NW Systems (for over 5 years); video transmission and video surveillance storage products provider and integrator Veracity UK (for 4.5 years).

We also carried out a number of PR and video production projects for the likes of IndigoVision, Hikvision, Senstar, Xtralis, Apollo Fire Detectors, Taylor Technology Services, ATM security installer Acketts and lots more.

Agility PR also works with the automotive sector arm of Traka which provides key management solutions for car dealerships.

The campaign to promote Axis, and IP video in general, was well-evidenced in the hard copy and web pages of the end-customer professional security titles like Security Management Today and Security Buyer and installer titles like Security Installer and Benchmark from 2003 through to early 2009.

For online promotion, Agility PR wrote and distributed UK and Ireland customer win news stories and case studies, and created marketing collateral versions for use on Axis’ website. Some entry-level cameras were promoted through consumer technology magazines where the price point and positioning made sense, but most were professional-end cameras, coax to IP encoders (then called video servers) promoted to installers or direct to security heads.

As Axis’ fortunes grew, PR activity was extended to vertical sector-focused campaigning in markets where early adoption of IP video was already well underway by 2005. This started with the Education sector and then moved across to retail, transport and critical national infrastructure, City surveillance and more. At the height of the campaign in 2008, Agility PR was creating more than 30 pieces of UK & Ireland coverage for Axis each month.