Case Study Spectral Edge

PR for professional security markets in UK and USA

Launch Spectral Edge patented RGB + NIR fusion software Fusion Core into the professional security markets


The challenge: To launch Spectral Edge-patented RGB + NIR fusion software Fusion Core into the professional security market in the UK and USA.

What we did: Took an in-depth technical brief from the CTO and COO of Spectral Edge, used this and further research to develop a 2,500 word Technical White Paper which was then designed up to create a piece of premium content for gated download on Spectral Edge’s website as a potential sales lead generator and technical differentiation tool.

The White Paper was then used to brief key industry analysts and served as the destination for click throughs from banner ads which were purchased in key security trade publications.

Agility PR also drafted a one-page Product Focus article and double page Q&A style corporate profile piece which were again placed in security trade titles.

Agility PR then secured 5 key briefings with key US trade titles and analysts as part of the official launch of Fusion Core to the surveillance market at ISC West 2019. Agility PR wrote and distributed preview and event Press Releases both of which gained strong trade coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.

The result: Successful market penetration enabling senior technical audiences to quickly grasp the differentiators of this offering and provide a springboard for successful business development meetings with camera vendors and chip manufacturers alike.

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